Personalized advice to 401(k) participants

The 401(k) has become the primary savings vehicle for 60% of workers.

Changes Coming for the 401(k) Plan - the proposed legislation gaining momentum in the House and Senate would require:

  • the industry will have to break out 401(k) fees on investors' statements.
  • repeal regulations allowing mutual-fund companies to offer personalized advice to 401(k) participants in the plans the companies manage.
  • establishment of a program in which all workers would be automatically enrolled in employers' retirement plans. Now, in most cases, they must opt in to participate.
  • employers that don't offer a retirement plan would be required to enroll their employees in a direct-deposit individual retirement account.

Many people are using "Target Date" mutual funds, and have found that they too have experienced large losses in the recent downturn. This is because many of these funds did not use appropriate asset allocation.

Visible Investors prefer to select an appropriate mix of asset classes using low cost index funds to accommodate the amount of risk they need to take and are able to take to meet their retirement goals.

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