There are 2 times in life when you shouldn't take investment risks.

  1. When you can't afford to take risks, and
  2. When you can afford to take risks.

If you start early, save enough, and invest wisely, you 'll have the time to take the risk that lets you sleep at night and reach your investment objectives.

If you start late, don't save enough, or invest inappropriately (taking to much or to little risk), you'll need to make greater sacrafices or take greater risks than you can tolerate, which can further hurt your chances of reaching your investment goals.

* How much risk can you take based on the amount of time you have to invest?

* How much risk are you able to take before you start losing sleep, or making investment decisions at the worst possible time?

* How much risk do you need to take to reach your investment goals?

It's only when these situations become visible that you can deal with them in an optimal manner.

To see how much risk you can take, are able to take, and need to take, contact Visible Investment Advisors for a free consultation.

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