When money meets experience....

…it's the money that ends up with the experience, and the experience that ends up with the money.

If you have some money that you want to invest for your future retirement, children's education, or other important goal, you probably read the financial sections of newspapers, watch CNBC and other business news shows, and even watch the Wall Street gurus on Late Night Talk shows.

These experienced market pundits all have incredible insight to the current market conditions - able to explain in great detail why the markets are acting the way they are.

They all can point to their foresight with examples of stock selections or sector weighting that perfectly aligns with current market conditions, was a successful position they are just getting out of, or one that is poised to do well in the next 6 to 12 months.

This experience makes it all seem so easy, so intuitive, so predictable. You wonder how you can hook your wagon to the success that this experience brings.

In an attempt to leverage this experience, you buy the recommended stocks you hear about, subscribe to their newsletters, watch their TV shows, and buy their mutual funds.

When you look back at the results of your actions, you see that there has been a transfer of wealth – your money transferring to them directly in the form of fees (your purchase of their newsletters and mutual funds), and indirectly from you pushing up the price of the positions they recommend or the advertising fees they earn.

To see if your money is providing an experience or an appropriate return, contact Visible Investment Advisors for a free consultation.

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